sv – App terminated by the System

If you are getting the following message:

The app was terminated by the System, therefore it could not run in the background.
If you periodically clean the list of recently used apps, be sure to lock Sound Profile from that cleaning.

Some Android versions allow users to clean the recently used apps. This will free memory but it will kill all apps with services in the background.

The system displays a list of the recent used apps when pressing the ”Overview” button.

It also displays a ”Clear all” or similar option to close all those apps.

The problem here is that it also kills the background services of those apps.

It is highly recommeded to avoid Sound Profile background service to be killed. It is very symple, just need to see the options you have on that list to ”lock” apps from being destroyed.

Depending on the Androd manufacturers and version, this can be different, but basically is to select Sound Profile from the list and tapping in the ”lock” icon (maybe long pressing on it).

Select Sound Profile and lock it

From now on, when clearing the recent used apps, Sound Profile background services will not be afected.

This is an example for a Xiaomi device: