it – Permessi specifici

Sound Profile necessita di permessi specifici per sfruttare a pieno le sue caratteristiche. Questa lista visualizza i permessi necessari:

Modifiche al Sistema e accesso al Non Disturbare

Ci sono solo i permessi base garantiti e attivi al primo uso dell’app. Entrambe sono necessari per usare Sound Profile.

Modifiche alle impostazioni di Sistema sono necessari per permettere a Sound Profile di attivare la vibrazione, la luminosità dello schermo, modalità Auto, attivare il Wifi e altre impostazioni necessarie per le procedure principali di questa applicazione.

Il non disturbare è anche richiesto per permettere a Sound Profile di attivare il profilo Silenzioso.

Guarda questo video per vedere come attivare questi permessi la prima volta che attivi l’app:

Modifying Wifi requires Location permission

Latest Android releases require that an app holds the Location permission to be able to manage Wifi connection, as well as Tethering (Wifi hotspot) and Nearby wifi services. This is due to the following reason:

Google cars have been taking pictures of the streets (for the Street View service in Google Maps and Google Earth) but also those cars have been collecting the Wifi SSIDs along they were traveling around our cities. All that information, where an SSID is associated to a specific location, is somewhere available in the Internet. So, this means, than if an app knows that you are connected to a specific Wifi, or if a specific Wifi is near you, then it could be able to know your location. So, the result is that an app could know where you are without having the Location permission. Now, Android became more strict to protect users, so an app needs location permission granted to be able to manage Wifi connections.

Also, the location service must be enabled by you. This means that the main switch in your Android settings to allow locations must be enabled.

Sound Profile doesn’t need this permission if you do not manage Wifi services in the app.

Background Location permission

Depending on the features you activate in Sound Profile, it would need access to get your location while the app is not visible, or even when it is closed.

For example, you could set Sound Profile to automatically activate Silent profile every time you get in your place of work. Later, when leaving work, you want it to automatically activate Loud profile. You get this functionality using geofences with the Tasks & Events feature.

So, if you want to use this feature, in order to activate the right profile according to your settings, Sound Profile will display a prominent disclosure to be granted to get your device locations periodically, even when the app is not visible, even when it is closed or even when it is in the background.

If you don’t want Sound Profile to access your location, either don’t use the Geofences feature or not grant the permission. If the permission was previously granted and you don’t want it any more, you could ungrant it any time in your Android settings >> Privacy >> Permissions screen.

Of course, Sound Profile will never send any personal data, location information, or any other information to anywhere. Sound Profile will never use the information you have in your device, and/or its location, for any purpose different of what this app is supposed to do. Your privacy and your location is completely secure.

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