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Sound Profile is not a free app. It takes a lot of time to develop an app like this and a lot of effort to support and answer all the queries made by the users. Each of you have an individual support, many of you have already used. I answer to every question users send me in this website and by email at
The app doesn’t bother you with adds or publicity, and it doesn’t take any cookie or private information from your side.
This is why I need you to, at least, get a cheap subscription to make all this project possible.

Your purchases are still available even if you uninstall and install the app again.
Or even if you change your device, just be sure you use the same Google account.

All that is controlled by Google Play. So you can relax, I am not taking or seeing your credit card numbers.
In case you don’t have a credit card, or you just don’t want to use it in your device, you can use redeem codes. Take a look here for more information about alternatives for paying in Google Play without using a credit card.
You are also able to use Gift Cards that you can purchase in local stores in your town using cash.

To check the price in your local currency, just follow these steps to access the Subscriptions info screen:

  • Open Sound Profile and tap on the menu 
  • Tap on Subscriptions Subscriptions

The subscriptions might have a trial period of several days. Each subscription will show you how many days you can test it without getting charged. You can cancel the subscriptions at any time to not be charged the next period. See more information below.
If you cancel in the trial period, then you will not be charged at all.
If you cancel after the trial period, then you will have access to that feature until the subscription period ends. Once it ends, you will not be charged again, and therefore you will not be able to use that functionality.

List of available subscriptions:

  • Flat Rate
    This subscription covers all subscriptions below. If you purchase this subscription then you will not need any other one. In case you have other subscriptions, you could cancel them and just pay for this one. Having this subscriptions will make you have all current features in the app and the new features that might come in the future. This option is the best if you are planning on using several features of the app. If not, keep reading and find the one you need.
    Remember that you still have access to the purchased subscriptions even if you uninstall the app and even if you change your device.

  • Unlimited profiles
    Have as many profiles as you need. With this subscription you will not be limited to only 5 profiles.

  • Extended notification
    The Extended notification will display profile shortcuts in the notification details. You could activate those profiles quickly without opening the app. You are able to select the profiles you want to include as shortcuts. For more info about this feature tap here.

  • Automatic Scheduler
    This feature allows you to have unlimited intervals in your Automatic Schedulers. With this subscriptions you could add as many intervals as you need.
    Tap here to see more info about the Automatic Scheduler.

  • Tasks and Events
    Activate profiles depending on situations or locations. A wide range of possibilities triggered by events like having the device in charging mode, connected to a Bluetooth, to a Wifi, in a specific location (work, home, church…) . Very useful if you want the app to activate profiles in specific situations, for example:
    -Activate Calls Only profile when entering into the car
    -Activate Silent profile when entering at work
    -Activate Quiet profile when entering at home
    -Activate Night profile when plugging the device for charging
    -Activate Running profile when headphones connected
    More info here.

  • Android Calendar
    Activate profiles from your Calendar events or reminders. Very convenient to make Sound Profile follow your Calendar events like meetings, appointments, dates… So for example, if you have a meting in your Calendar, the app will automatically activate Silent during the meeting. If you have to go to the doctor, the app will automatically activate Calls Only while in the hospital.
    With this feature you could also change the current Automatic Scheduler to another one, for example to change from Christmas Scheduler to Regular Scheduler. Very convenient to change between Shift-Turn schedulers. For example, one week I work during the day, the next week I work during the Night. For example, on July 1st activate My Summer Scheduler, on August 10th activate My Regular Scheduler.
    For more info about Sound Profile and the Android Calendar tap here.

  • Automation
    If you are a user of automation apps (like Tasker, AutomateIt, Macrodroid…) you can make them activate your sound profiles.
    Give extra power to your automation app! Allow them to create actions to activate profiles. For more information, tap on Sound Profile menu and then on Automation.
  • Android Assistant
    Use this feature to activate profiles using your voice from your home screen without opening the app. Some devices even allow you to use it without unlocking your screen. Just try it saying sentences like these:
    -Hey Google, open Sound Profile and activate Normal
    -Hey Google, open Sound Profile and activate Meeting for 30 minutes
    -Hey Google, open Sound Profile and activate Movie until 8 p.m.
    -Hey Google, open Sound Profile and activate Silent for 2 hours, then activate Normal
    This is a very simple and convenient way of using your Ok Google Assistant.
    Right now, according to Google Assistant limitations, this feature is only available en US English but other English-speaker users have reported that is also working for them in other countries.
    To test it you don’t even need to purchase or trial the Subscription. Just say ”Hey Google, open Sound Profile and activate Normal” and let’s see how the app behaves. If the Assistant displays an Internet generic search it is because it didn’t understand you, therefore it doesn’t work for you language.
    But if the Assistant opens Sound Profile and you hear something like ”you need a subscription to perform this feature” it is because it works in your device, therefore you could get the subscription and trial it.

  • Dialing numbers or commands
    You could automatically enable voice-mail, call forwarding to other numbers or even call numbers after profile activation. Very useful to automatically activate your voice-mail while sleeping, or call forwarding your calls to your coworker’s phone during your lunch break.
    For more information take a look at here.

Hey, but, I don’t need any subscription. The basic app features are enough for me!

Even if you don’t need any extra functionality you have to purchase a subscription. Choose the cheapest one. For much less than a coffee you will have access to the app for a full year and I will be really thankful. Try asking anything at I will be here to listen to you.

How to cancel and manage your subscriptions

You can cancel a subscription at any time.
-If the subscription is still in during the trial period then you will not get charged.
-If the trial period has expired and your subscription has been charged, you could cancel it to avoid future charges. Remember that a subscription is periodical until you cancel it.

To manage or cancel your purchased subscriptions you could follow these steps:

  • Open Sound Profile and tap on the menu 
  • Tap on Subscriptions Subscriptions
  • Tap on Manage

Google Play Cache

Some times your Google Play app is outdated and it doesn’t display they subscriptions information correctly.
In this cases it is recommended to clear its cache to be sure it reloads with the newest and updated information.

  • Open Sound Profile and tap on the menu 
  • Tap on Subscriptions Subscriptions
  • Tap on Clear cache and follow the instructions there.

If you need extra information, do not hesitate to ask personally at or type your comment below.

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