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7 Gedanken zu „SoundProfile neue Hilfeseite verfügbar!“

    1. Hello Lothar

      Why not? Please explain. Send me your settings using the Contact Me option of the Sound Profile main menu. In that email tell me again your issue so I can remember it (I receive many emails from many users).

  1. Das Schalten des WLAN klappt nicht mehr automatisch. Nun habe ich von die App WIFI Automatik gefunden, mit der es funktioniert. Ich habe ein Samsung Galaxy Note 10+5G mit Android 11 und die Soundprofile-App gekauft.

    1. That app is too old. It was last updated on October 29, 2019, before the Google restrictions. So, it still can use it. Google doesn’t remove old apps (for the moment) but they Google will not allow allowed to get updated unless they remove that feature.

      1. I’ve been using and loving the soundprofile-app for years. WiFi-automatic solves my problem and so all works fine again.
        Is there a migration to Android 12, I’m getting in February 22?

        1. Yes, the app is already ready for Android 12. Right now being tested by volunteer users. If you want to become one of them, just let me know.

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