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Sound Profile is able to interact with the Android Calendar in your Android device. This allows you to activate a profile from an event in your Calendar. For example if you have a Meeting from 10:00 to 10:30 in your Android Calendar, this could activate Silent profile. After that, at 10:30, it will revert back to previous profile (whatever it was before activating Silent).

The way of doing this is to write the words *sp:Silent* inside that Calendar event (in the name, description, notes or details field). Sound Profile will scan your Calendar events and if it finds one with the letters *sp:xxx* then it will activate the profile called xxx at the time of the event.


When typing the letters *sp:xxx* you have to type the * characters also.

You cannot type extra blanks.

All these examples are WRONG:

sp:xxx ← Wrong ⛔ missing *

*sp: xxx* ← Wrong ⛔ extra blank

*sp :xxx* ← Wrong ⛔ extra blank

* sp:xxx* ← Wrong ⛔ extra blank

* sp:xxx * ← Wrong ⛔ extra blanks

This example is CORRECT:

*sp:xxx* ← Correct ✅

Android Calendar + Sound Profile Scheduler

You are also able to change the current Scheduler using your Android Calendar.

For example, when Christmas holidays start, activate « Scheduler for Holidays ». After Christmas activate « My normal scheduler ».

In July 1st activate « Scheduler for vacations ». On July 31st activate « My normal scheduler ».

All this is possible using the Android Calendar and Sound Profile. Let’s say you have a Sound Profile Scheduler called Scheduler A and another called Scheduler B. You could add an Android Calendar event called « Switch scheduler » (or any other name) whenever you want. For example, every Sunday, or every-other Sunday, or at the beginning of the summer, or whatever. In the event you should write the words *sp:Scheduler A* in the Event title, description, notes or details fields…

Sound Profile will scan your Calendar Events and if it finds one with the letters *sp:xxx* then it will activate the specified Scheduler.

Please pay attention, names must match exactly. Don’t forget the characters * and do not add any extra blanks as described above.

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