fr – I change the notification ringtone but the tone doesn’t change

If the tone assigned for the notifications doesn’t work please have this in mind:

Sound Profile changes the DEFAULT NOTIFICATION sound, for example, let’s say that Sound Profile uses « ding » as the default notification ringtone. Most apps uses their own ringtones, so your Text/Sms app sounds « dong » and your email app sounds « dung ». Changing Sound Profile notification sound to « ding » will not change your Text/Sms or email ringtones, because in those apps you have chosen those specific sounds.

If you want any specific app to use the DEFAULT NOTIFICATION sound then you need to edit the properties or settings of that app and select the ringtone « default ringtone » for it.

For example, if you want your Text/Sms app to sound as Sound Profile says then open your Text/Sms app, go to Settings, scroll down to Notification sound. On the list select « default ringtone ». This way the app will use the one set by Sound Profile.

Many people find this useful, for example to have a serious ringtone for Text/Sms at work and a funnier one at home.

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