fr – Notification volume cannot be zero

If you are getting the message:

Warning: Due to Android limitations, if Calls volume is greater than zero, then Notifications volume should be greater than zero, too.
If you want to silence Notifications but still hear Calls then tap here for more info.

Then you need to read the following explanation:

Lately, Android devices have linked the Calls volume and the Notifications volume in just one single slider. So both have to be the same value. Sound Profile tries to do its best cheating the device but they are really linked. With the new way of controlling the Do Not Disturb section it is much better to set always the same value for both and then specify in the Do Not disturb section that you don’t want to hear notifications.

So basically, to create a profile to hear calls but not notifications (typically called a “calls only” profile) do this in the Edit Profile screen:

Expand Volumes section:

  1. Set the volume value you want to hear the calls.
  2. Set same volume value for notifications (even if you don’t want to hear notifications).

Expand Do Not Disturb section:

  1. Set Do Not Disturb to ON.
  2. Set calls to « From anyone »
  3. Set Messages to « From none »
  4. The rest of the values depends on your needs, but they could be like this:
    Repeat callers to « Yes »
    Touch sounds to « No »
    Events to « No »
    Reminders to « No »
  5. Now decide what to do with the messages or other non-priorities that will not sound. Do you also want to hide them from the screen? Or do you prefer to still see them (but muted)?
    Some people don’t even want to get disturbed visually. So, if you are in a Calls Only profile then you could choose to NOTHING disturb you, not sound, not popping up messages on the screen, not even Calendar reminders or events. It is up to you.

All this features give you a lot of possibilities trying to fit everybody’s needs.
Think on the different possibilities, like creating profiles to Allow only calls from specific contacts (starred or favorites contacts). Or profiles that will be muted at night but in case a caller calls you several times in a row (Repeat caller) let it go through.
For more info read the Help for Do Not Disturb mode.

2 réflexions au sujet de « fr – Notification volume cannot be zero »

  1. Hi!
    I have your application since your beginning. I saw all your evolution. I really like your application, is simple to use.
    You give good advice here, thanks!.
    Continue your work, your good work.
    I’m a pro user and proud to help you.

    1. Thanks Pascal!
      If you want to become a betatester please let me know at
      There is an important update coming with a completely new look in the next couple of months. So it will be good to have opinions on how it looks.

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