EULA and Privacy Policy

End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy for SOUND PROFILE software
You can read again this EULA at any moment in the Help section of the app.

0. Concepts

The word software is used to define a set of programs or procedures that allow an electronic device to do a job. In this Agreement, the word “Software” is used to define every set of programs and procedures (complete or part of them) that make this product work (which include Sound Profile, Sound Profile Extender and Sound Profile Pro)
The words “the Developer” in this Agreement defines the computer programmer that has designed, programmed and commercialize the Software.
The word “Agreement” defines this text you are reading.

1. Terms of Agreement

This Agreement allows you to use the Software on a single device. If you wish to use the Software on more than one device, you must license another copy of the Software.

2. Restrictions on Use

Unless the Developer has authorized you to distribute the Software, you shall not make or distribute copies of the Software or transfer the Software from one device to another. You shall not decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, include in other software, or translate the Software, or use the Software for any commercial purposes. You shall not modify, alter, change or otherwise make any modification to the Software or create derivative works based upon the Software. You shall not rent, lease, resell, sub-license, assign, distribute or otherwise transfer the Software or this license. Any attempt to do so shall be void and of no effect.

3. Ownership

This Agreement provides you with limited rights to use the Software. The Owner retains all ownership, right, title and interest in, to and of the Software and all copies of it. All rights not specifically granted in this Agreement, including domestic and international copyrights, are reserved by the Owner (the Developer).

4. How this works

Basically this software is used to automatically adjust some of the Android telephone or tablet settings. This settings can be volumes, ringtones, screen brightness, wallpapers, and others, being packed in groups called PROFILES.
Sound Profile also has a automatic Scheduler to activate those profiles at certain times or even based on Android Calendar events or device locations, always according to user’s settings.

5. Privacy policy

Depending on the permissions you grant for Sound Profile, it could access your contacts, files, photos, calendar, background device location…
If you don’t grant permission, Sound Profile will not have access to that information.
In case you grant a permission, Sound Profile will have access to the information granted, but it will never send any personal data, location information, or any other information to anywhere. Sound Profile will never use the information you have in your device, and/or its location, for any purpose different of what this app is supposed to do. Your privacy and your location is completely secure.

6. Background device location

Sound Profile (according to user instructions) could automatically activate profiles depending on the location or events that may occur around the device. For example, the user could preset Sound Profile to activate profile Quiet if the device gets home, maybe depending on the device location or maybe by detecting the Wifi signals around the device. In either cases, Sound Profile needs to be granted to detecte the location of the device in the background even when the app is closed or not in use. In this case, Sound Profile will periodically monitor the location or the Wifi signals while the app is closed in order to activate the right profile according to the user settings.

7. Collecting the list of installed apps

Sound Profile (according to user instructions) could get a list of the installed app in the device. This is used for important (but optional) features of the app like executing apps when a profile is being activated (for example, when the profile Car is activated, let the app automatically execute the music player app and the navigator app) and also have notification exceptions for specific apps (for example, when the profile Sleep is activated and everything is in silence, allow the app to make sound only when receiving a Whatsapp message from my son).
Therefore the app will show the users a list of the available apps installed in the device to be able to choose among them.
Sound Profile will never use this information for any purpose different of what this app is supposed to do. Your privacy is completely secure.

8. Backups to the cloud (Google Drive)

The app is able to upload and download backups of its settings to and from Google Drive. To do that the user must grant the permission. The app will only access to the specific private folder that Google Drives reserves for the app, therefore the app doesn’t have any access to any other personal data of the user or of other apps. When uploading the backup, the app will copy the Sound Profile app database, the profiles wallpaper images, widget images, or other files or information needed to restore a fresh installation from that backup.

9. Be responsible

It is your responsibility to obey regulatory rules about usage of Loud mode or Airplane mode and not use this application in places/situations where such rules exist.
Keep in mind also that profiles could be activated automatically depending on your settings. Be aware also of (automatic) activation of Loud profiles while driving or while wearing headphones or similar.

10. App updates and errors

Keep in mind that this software could be wrong or has errors. Some errors can be general or can be specific for specific devices, be sure everything works as expected before you trust in Sound Profile. In case some bugs are found report them to the Developer for them to be fixed as soon as possible. Some of those errors could be fixed right away and some could take much longer. Under extreme situations maybe there is not a solution for some error.
The Developer of this app, acting in good faith, will correct errors or bugs as soon as possible. The payment license will not be refunded due to errors or bugs in the software that will be fixed or worked-around by the Developer. App updates can be uploaded periodically or not. In case an update is uploaded, the users have to update the devices to ensure they keep working properly. An outdated app might not work.
The Software is designed to work in Android 9.0 or earlier. It is not guaranteed it will work in later Android releases or Google modifications.

11. Use of Internet

This app doesn’t normally use Internet but it could use it to access the Help, check for updates, access special information, backups, configuration changes or similar situations. But it will never start a connection to the Internet by itself. In case it needs to access the Internet it will first check if there is an connection already established.

12. Disclaimer of Warranties and Technical Support

The Software is provided to you completely free with a trial period or after paying a subscription and on an “AS IS” basis. The software is provided without any technical support or warranty of any kind including, without limitation, any warranty or condition of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Nevertheless, the Developer will try to support and answer the users’ emails giving a high quality service. Due to the amount of emails received it make take a long time to answer a particular one, or maybe it is never answered. No postal mail, personal or telephony support will be provided.
The Developer, acting in good faith, will try to keep the maximum quality service between him and the users.

13. Paid licenses

The users should test the apps in their free (trial) versions. Users must be sure that the apps work as expected before purchasing the subscriptions.
The trial period last for a specific amount of time. After the trial period the user has to buy at least one subscription.

14. Languages

The apps are initially written in English and Spanish. Other languages can be added, always to have a better user experience. Those languages can translate all, or just part of the apps messages. The Developer will be able to discontinue a translation different to English or Spanish.
The support will be only in English or Spanish.

15. Proprietary Markings

The logos, product names, manuals, documentation, and other support materials are either patented, copyrighted, trademarked, constitute valuable trade secrets (whether or not any portion of them may be copyrighted or patented) or are otherwise proprietary to the Developer. You shall not remove or obscure the Developer’s copyright if present, trade mark or other proprietary notices from any of the materials contained in this package or downloaded together with the Software.

16. More information

For more information do not hesitate to ask at Be sure you understand all what was said in this Agreement even if it is not in your own language.

17. Enjoy the app

This app has been developed to help you customize your Android phone. I hope you find this app useful and enjoy it.

18. The Developer

My postal address is
Calle Pages del Corro, 43, 1, B
41010 Spain

23 thoughts on “EULA and Privacy Policy”

    1. Could you please give more information? I need you to explain the problem with details. Tell me what you want to do, tell me what really happened, tell me the exact errors you get…
      It is also good if you tell me your phone model and android release.
      Remember, a “it doesn’t work” is not enough.
      For more, contact at

  1. Guten Tag

    Ist es möglich, dass die individuellen Klingeltöne für die verschiedenen Soundprofile mit eSIM nicht funktionieren (Galaxy S23)?

    Mit dem Galaxy S9 hat es immer funktioniert.

    1. Hello

      I haven’t heard of any error about that issue you are telling me. Could you specify more info of what is happening to you?
      I need you to explain the problem in detail. Tell me what you want to do, tell me what really happened, tell me the exact errors you get…
      Please contact me directly at and provide your information.

  2. I’m so glad to have this app now I’m not missing calls or messages etc. Thankyou for your help

  3. Hi, I’ve downloaded and subscribed to Sound Profile but it doesnt work on my Huawei P50 Pro. It is unable to activate the scheduler

    1. Did you purchase the Subscription in Google Play Store using another device?
      Does your new Huawei P50 have Google Play Store?
      The new Huawei devices don’t have Google and they have to use the App Gallery app included in those devices.
      Please, contact me at to help you solve this issue.

  4. Not working melody when turn on the telephone And I already set that option, why?

    1. Hello

      Please, send me your settings using the Contact Me option of the Sound Profile main menu. In that email tell me again your issue so I can remember it (I receive many emails from many users).

  5. This app has been developed to help you customize your Android phone. I hope you find this app useful and enjoy it.

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