Extended Notification

Sound Profile is able to extend its own notification and display in it your favorite profiles. This way you could activate them quickly from the notification dropdown list. They will be like quick shortcuts to your profiles.

To activate this feature follow these steps:

  • Open Sound Profile and tap on the menu
  • Tap on Extended Notification
  • Activate the feature ticking the checkbox “Activate Extended Notification”
  • Select the profiles you want to be displayed as a shortcuts
  • Save your changes

From now on, if you slide down the top notification bar and watch the notification details, you will see the current active profile and the list of the shortcuts to quickly activate profiles as shown in this screenshot:

4 thoughts on “Extended Notification”

  1. Love the app but I have a small issue. I’m using a Samsung S23 with the latest android release. I use Nova 7 as my UI. When I change the sound profiles the icon on my home screen does not change to the appropriate profile icon. I thought it was supposed to be dynamic. It seems to work in One UI but I don’t like nor use One UI. Any thoughts?

    1. Hello. I have heard other users complaining about Nova Launcher. They also say that the Shortcuts work correctly for other launchers, so it just seems to have this problem with Nova. I will try to solve this issue. Please be tunned. It would be great if you contact me directly at corcanoe@gmail.com so we can do some tests together.

  2. Love this but only a few options can be seen? No way to scroll side to side for additional options.

    Def not a show stopper, but wasn’t sure if it was a bug.

    1. Sorry, side scrolling is not allowed in notifications.
      In the next update, you will be able to customize the size of the icons, so you will be able to set more icons there.
      If you want to try it before it is published for the public, please, let me know at corcanoe@gmail.com

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