Notification Exceptions: Allow specific notifications to sound

Under some circumstances we want only specific notification from some specific apps to sound when a silent profile is activated.

For example, let’s think in a Work profile where everything is in Silent, but we want to be aware if an email from My boss arrives. Also if a Whatsapp from any of my co-workers arrives, too.

Another example could be to have a Night profile. I only want to wake up if an email from Hospital is received or if an email has the word “Urgent” in the subject.

All this is possible with Sound Profile, follow these steps:

Note: to allow specific calls or Messages in Silent Mode (like calls from My wife or Text/SMS from My Kid) read this article.
  • Create a new silent profile (or use any other you already have, for example Night).
  • Important: Be sure that regular notifications are silenced, for example by having volumes down to zero or by using the Do Not Disturb feature.
  • Scroll and select Vibration: No. This is also very important because we don’t want the phone to vibrate with regular notifications.
  • Choose your desired values for the rest of the settings.
  • Keep scrolling down to the section called Notification Exceptions and expand it

Click on the add button to add a Notification Exception.

You have to click on the Search button and choose one of the applications available in the device. For example Gmail. You also have to type the text which must be include in the Gmail notification. For example “My boss”. In this case, if an email is received, and if that email has the text “My boss” in the subject or has the sender “My boss” it will be consider as an exception, so it will sound and it will vibrate as configured.

Don’t forget to Save when you are done. Then test it to be sure the behavior is what you expected.

Using this feature is very simple but you have to pay attention of what kind of notifications you let to sound. Please, toy a bit with it until you understand the behavior. In the first image shown above, there is an example where we also accept Whatsapp notifications from Susan. If Susan writes, it will sound. But it will also be able to sound if the word “Susan” is in included in any Whatsapp message from anybody.

You can use this feature to allow any notification from a specific app. For example, if you have an “Office Alarm app” and you want to allow every notification from it, then just add the exception for that app and leave the text box empty. Think about the possibilities: Tornado alert app at night, to receive a WhatsApp with the words “wake up”, or an email with the word “Urgent”…

Note: to allow specific calls or Messages in Silent Mode (like calls from My wife or Text/SMS from My Kid) read this article.

12 thoughts on “Notification Exceptions: Allow specific notifications to sound”

  1. I have a problem with my phone sounds that it cannot produce any type of sound notifications, how can you assist me in fixing it now.

    1. Hello

      To help me resolve your issue more effectively, I kindly request that you provide me with your current settings. Follow these steps to send me the necessary information:

      1. Open the Sound Profile app.

      2. Tap the menu icon (at the top-left corner)

      3. Select Settings.

      4. Tap Send Me An Email.

      5. Allow the app to automatically attach your settings file.

      In that email, please explain your issue again so I can clearly recall the details (I receive numerous emails from various users).

      Additionally, specify the precise profile name you are using for testing purposes.

      Once I receive this information, I can thoroughly investigate your issue and provide a prompt resolution. Thank you for your cooperation.


  2. Hi, this is an awesome feature. But same question as Juan bozo, is it possible to add regex to the notification message? Example when I am receiving a notification with Group ChatName + (textA or textB) .
    So essentially TextA + (textB or textC)

    1. Hello, yes use two different notification exceptions for that.
      Set one exception like this: TextA && TextB
      The other exception will be: TextA && TextC
      The keyword && will split the sentence and the app will look for the TextA and also for TextB
      For example: Create a notification exception for the app Whatsapp that includes this text: My boss && Urgent
      If you get a whatsapp message from My boss it will not be considered as an exception unless it has the text Urgent
      Give it a try, if you find any trouble please reach me out at

  3. Hello,

    Does this feature supports regex? I want to filter by the name of a contact but only if the contact is chattimg directly to me.

    In my case (telegram) if a contact is chatting directly to me the notification text is , but if that contact is chatting in a group the notification is : . So I figured that by placing a start of text pattern at the beggining of the regex I could filter out the group chats.

    1. Hello Juan
      I’m not completely certain, but please reach out to me at, and I’ll do my best to figure out the most effective solution, if feasible.

  4. Is there a way to access apps for this that are separated under a corporate work profile?

    I would like to have everything silent but allow my work softphone app to ring. However it seems that the apps sandboxed off under the work profile are not available to select.

    1. Hello Adam

      I am not sure if I am understanding what you need. Plesae, contact me at and explain your issue again. I will try to find a solution for it.

  5. I set a specific sound for my Arlo security camera app in Android Notification Settings. It’s very loud and i used to be able to get it to play thru my night setting. but somewhere along the way you changed some things and now, I get a very loud standard notification sound and a very, very weak Arlo sound, both running at the same time. I really want it to be the way it was but I think since you replicate the standard sound, it’s not going to happen. Unless you have a good ideal for me?!

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