Show or hide help icons

Sound Profile displays a help icon next to some features that people have requested. Clicking on that icon pops up a help window.

If you know how to use Sound Profile and you don’t need the help icons to be around you are able to hide them.

In order to do that follow these steps:

  • Open Sound Profile and tap on the menu
  • Tap on Settings 
  • Expand the General Settings section
  • Check or uncheck the option Display help icons.
  • Save.

4 thoughts on “Show or hide help icons”

  1. Why does my phone make a sound when profile changes sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t make a sound? I want no sound when changing profiles.

    1. Hello

      It seems that lately, some Android releases are now making that sound even when the app tells the system not to do it.
      I guess it is the System informing you of “hey, be aware! One of your apps is modifying the system settings”.

      People have reported it only happens when activating a profile with Notification volume from ZERO to some volume. For example, from profile Night to Normal.
      Most of those people have an Automatic Scheduler that activates Normal, let’s say, at 6:00 am. They are still sleeping but if someone calls they want to be woken up.
      So, the work around would be to create a new profile called “Pre-Normal” and set there the value for Notifications volume to ONE (the beep will not be so annoying with just a value of 1).
      Then, maybe at 7:00 am you could use the Automatic Scheduler to activate Normal. You would be awake by that time, so the beep will not be a problem at that time.

      Another workaround would be to activate profile “Calls only” (notification volume is still set to ZERO) at 6:00 am, and then Normal.

      Thanks for understanding.

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