Subscription not recognized

All subscriptions are controlled by Google Play Store.
Sound Profile asks Google Play for the purchases the current user has.
If Sound Profile doesn’t show your purchases it is because Google Play is not informing correctly.

If Sound Profile is not recognizing one of your subscriptions, I recommend following these instructions:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Tap on the top-right icon and open the menu
  • Payments and subscriptions
  • Subscriptions

Here you should see a list of all the subscriptions you have purchased for all apps. Be sure you find the subscription (or subscriptions) for Sound Profile and that it is active (not canceled, not expired). If you cannot see it there, it is because Google Play is not recognizing your purchase. Be sure you use the same Google account as the one you used when you bought the app. That account must be the one set in the Google Play Store app.

Maybe you purchased it using another account. Please check in all your email accounts for the email you got from Google when you purchased it.
The email sender should be and you should see the order number, something like GPA.3347-6533-4653-xxxx.
That account should be added in Google Play app.

Please notice that you can have several accounts added in Play at the same time. This is useful for using different purchases from different accounts.

If Google Play doesn’t recognize your purchase then you should contact them. I will let you know how to do that below.

Google Play still doesn’t recognize your subscriptions

If your purchases are not even displayed in Google Play and you know that you are using the right account, then you need to contact the Google Play staff using this link:
At first you have to describe your problem and the web will show you several answers that might be helpful (but nearly always are not what you are expecting). But you could just keep contact with them. I recommend the “Something Else” option when it’s available.
Finally you will have the chance to chat live with them or to send an email. They are very responsive, so they will answer you back. I recommend the chat option. Sometimes the email option brings other articles to read that might not be exactly what you were looking for. So, if possible choose the chat option so you can explain your case to a real person.

Google Play recognizes your purchase BUT Sound Profile doesn’t

If Google Play recognizes your purchase BUT Sound Profile doesn’t, then please follow these important steps:

  • Open your Android settings
  • Go to Apps
  • Select Google Play Store
  • Storage and cache
  • Clean cache
  • Clean storage (very important!)

Now open Sound Profile, go to the Subscriptions page and let it get the new information.

If you need extra help or if you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
I will be pleased to help you.

For more information about the Sound Profile subscriptions, please tap here.

25 thoughts on “Subscription not recognized”

  1. Do you have a subscription for audio , media enhancement? Specifically, better sound, volume, EQoptions, Optimizing volume control for side button controls? Especially useful with Bluetooth devices, and or the phone in solo play? If you do that’s GRRRRREAT!

    1. Sound Profile is primarily designed for managing different profiles for various sound settings, including volume levels for calls, notifications, and other apps. While I appreciate your suggestion for media enhancement features, I currently don’t have plans to incorporate them into Sound Profile.
      If you’re looking for specific media enhancement features, I recommend exploring other audio-focused apps that are specifically designed for those purposes.

      Thank you for your understanding.

  2. Hello, can you please help? I have “all inclusive -flat rate ” subscription. In “available subscriptions” I can see more other options like “unlimited profiles, automatic scheduler, android calendar ” etc. Does my flat rate subscription include all the others I now have in those available ones?
    And one more question. In one of my profiles I have set “no sound, no vibration ” when I don’t want to be disturbed. Unfortunately after choosing this my phone still vibrates. Everything is ok but the vibration. Every time I activate it, there is a pop up window saying there’s some error. Can you please help? Thank you

    1. Yes, the “flat rate” subscription includes all of them. In fact, those should be grayed out if you have purchased the “flat rate”. In case you had one of those before purchasing the “flat rate”, then you could cancel it.
      Remember: If you have the “flat rate” then it is all you need and it covers all features in the app, including those that migth come in the future (like the Android Watch).

      According to the other question you have:
      To help me resolve your issue more effectively, I kindly request that you provide me with your current settings. Follow these steps to send me the necessary information:

      1. Open the Sound Profile app.

      2. Tap the menu icon (at the top-left corner)

      3. Select Settings.

      4. Tap Send Me An Email.

      5. Allow the app to automatically attach your settings file.

      In that email, please explain your issue again so I can clearly recall the details (I receive numerous emails from various users).

      Additionally, specify the precise profile name you are using for testing purposes.

      Once I receive this information, I can thoroughly investigate your issue and provide a prompt resolution. Thank you for your cooperation.


    1. Hello Sultan
      That depends on Google Play, not on me. Try to clear cache for Google Play:
      -Open your Android settings
      -Go to Apps
      -Select Google Play Store
      -Storage and cache
      -Clean cache
      -Clean storage
      Reboot also your device.
      If you still cannot, then contact Google Play:

      1. This is exactly what my issue was. Tried everything else. Finally got it working.

  3. I customized only 1 profile, and sometime i want to activate or deactivate manually that profile.
    But i cant see the profile to do that. It always show the msg quit or read subscription.
    Please let me know, what subscription i have to pay for above scenario. Thanks

    1. You don’t need a specific subscription but the app makes you have at least one to continue, so choose the cheapest one.
      If you need personal assistant, please write at

  4. I bought a new phone and dropped backup from my old device here.

    I am a PRO user according to my old phone, but the new one does not see it. And just forces me to buy a new one.

    I have made my pro account several years ago


    1. Hello

      That is controlled by Google PlayStore but I can help you check the normal issues most people have.
      First be sure you use the same google account now than the one you used when you bought the app. That account must be the one set in the Google PlayStore app.

      Try to search for the Pro key in PlayStore. It should let you install it without paying anything.
      Link here:
      If it is already installed, then uninstall it and install it again (without paying anything).

      Then reboot the device to be sure everything gets updated. Once rebooted, open Sound Profile (the normal app, not the key) it should detect that the Pro Key is installed. Be sure that Sound Profile is installed and updated. Link here:
      Do this and let me know your results.

      By the way, if you have made a backup-restore using any restoration system, then just try to uninstall “SoundProfile Pro Key” and install it from the PlayStore because the Key must be installed from PlayStore to be valid and not from any other external sources.

      Another hint:
      Sometimes there is an error in Google Play so it wrongly thinks that you haven’t paid. So it is also good to clean Google Play cache:
      ·Open your Android settings
      ·Go to Apps
      ·Select Google Play
      ·Storage and cache
      ·Clean cache and Clean storage
      ·Then try again

      If you have any issues or if you need personal assistance, do not hesitate to contact me at

  5. It was not clear to me whether or not the $4.49/year included all the other features (control from exa, calendar, etc).
    I started to subscribe to all those other features, but now it is not clear if I want ALL features, how do I get them.

    Also, when I look at Google subscriptions, it seems like it is renewing this month in 2023 vs. 2024. Are these charges by the month or by the year?

    By the way. I really like this app! Keep up the good work!


    1. Hello Tom
      If you want to have ALL the features then you only need the “Flat rate” subscription. It is yearly. All other subscriptions (in case you have ohers) could be canceled. If you need personal assistance, please contact me at

  6. With last update I can no longer schedule. That is why I have this app. Please dvise

    1. Could you specify why you can ot Schedule? What error you get? Pleasd, specify.

      1. I’m having the same problem. I don’t see an option to schedule profile by location, even though sound profile says I have that subscription (Google play doesn’t show any subscriptions)

        1. To Schedule profiles use the Automatic Scheduler:
          Open Sound Profile >> menu >> Scheduler

          To activate profiles according to the location use a Task:
          Open Sound Profile >> menu >> Tasks & Events

          If you cannot see those options in the menu, please be sure you switch on the option “show extra features”.

  7. Loving my Sounds Profile!

    This is an idea for a new subscription, our an added feature to tasks & events. I have one game that I enjoy playing, but I’m annoyed by the really loud ads that it plays. I’d like to go to Silent when I start that game, and then back to the Scheduled Profile when I stop. I’d be well worth the cost of the subscription.

    1. Thanks for the idea.
      It could be a new event for Tasks & Events.
      I am not sure if Android will allow that because lately is becoming more restrictive.
      I would suggest you add it on Instagram and let’s see if more users need that. This is the link for Instagram:
      It would be good if you also follow that account. This way you would get notified with changes.

  8. Even though I can see it on my lock screen I can’t seem to select a sound profile and have it enabled without unlocking my phone and I was hoping to be able to do that so that if I’m driving and I want to change the sound profile without logging into my phone it would work do you have any advice?

    1. Hello Rod
      That would depend on your custom Android release. You should dive into your Android settings and see if you find something to allow your notifications to be pushed when the device is locked.

      On the other hand, and also for security reasons, you could check the Android Assistant feature in Sound Profile to activate your profiles using your voice.

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