Scheduler (automatic planner)

Sound Profile is able to set a planner or scheduler to automatically activate profiles at specific times during the week. For example, automatically activate profile Normal at 7:00 a.m. during the weekdays and Night at 10:00 p.m. But in weekends I want different times. All this is possible with Sound Profile and is very simple to set. Just follow these steps:

  • Open Sound Profile and tap on the menu 
  • Tap on Scheduler
  • In the drop-down combobox select “My Scheduler” (if it is not already selected).
  • Icons next to the name () are used to rename the scheduler, delete it or to add new schedulers.
  • You will see you have different sections, one for each day of the week. One for Monday, another for Tuesday…
  • Look at the add icon in each day of the week. Clicking on it you are able to add time intervals for that day.

For example:

  • Click on Save after setting all your intervals.
Tapping on the remove icon  at the left will allow you to remove the time interval. 
Tapping on the interval will allow you to modify the time or the profile.

As you can see there is not a start and a end time for a interval. You don’t need to specify that Normal starts at 7:00 and ends at 22:00, and Then Night starts at 22:00 and ends at 7:00. You just set Normal to start at 7:00 and Night to start at 22:00

Several schedulers

It is possible to have several preset Schedulers. For example, one called “My Scheduler” for normal use, another called “Christmas” for winter holidays, another called “Summer” and so on. This way you could activate “Summer” at the beginning of the Summer and “My Scheduler” at the end of the Summer.

Some people also use this feature for different work shifts, for example having a scheduler called “Night week shift”.

You can automatically activate Schedulers depending on the date using the Android Calendar integrated in your device. For example, set your Android calendar to activate “Summer” on July, 1st and activate “My scheduler” on August, 31st. For more information on this feature read this article.

19 thoughts on “Scheduler (automatic planner)”

  1. Please add a button in the main UI to go back to the scheduled profile.

    Something like “Return to Scheduled Profile”, “Activate Schedule”, “Scheduled Profile”, a clock icon, etc.

    Reason: After I’ve changed some volume level, and after I’m done using my temporary “custom volume”, I want to be able to quickly return to whatever volume settings are defined for the current time in my Sound Profile (Scheduler).


  2. What does “Alarm Clock Mode” mean? It says in the app to activate this if the scheduler is not accurate. I’m not sure what it will do and can’t find information.

    1. Hello Olivia, please ignore that. That option was needed years ago to avoid battery saving modes. Now it is not necessary for most of devices. I will think on remove it from the screen or to hide it.
      Now for battery saving issues see here:

  3. The schedule is not working. It doesn’t change automatically. I have the android 11 in a Samsung, can you please advise?

    1. Hello

      It sounds like the System is killing the SoundProfile background services. Maybe it is also by terminating background apps (in your Recent apps list). Please, take a look at this help site and follow instructions detaily. You will have information to stop this from happening:
      More info

  4. For the scheduler, if I make manual volume changes, it seems to kill the next scheduled change. Is that the intended behaviour? I think the power settings are ok and it triggers if I never interfere with the volume.

    1. Activating a profile manually will not affect the Scheduler. For example, let’s say you have set to activate profile Night at 8:00 pm, and you manually activate any profile at 7:50 pm. Well, in this case, at 8:00 pm will change to Night anyway.
      Another approach is to “activate a profile until a certain time”, in this case this manually activating time is respected. For example, let’s say you enter in the Cinema at 7:00 pm and you activate profile Silent for 2 hours, in this case the app will not chane to Night at 8:00 p.m., it will do it a 9:00 p.m. (after the 2 hour period ends). Take a look a this.

  5. Is it possible to copy a schedule to another one in order to make small changes and keep both of them?

    1. Sorry it is not possible right now. Let me add that to my long Suggestion list.
      Thanks for the idea.

      1. Hello
        It is possible now with release 7.28.
        If you want to test it send me an email at

  6. Is it possible to switch automatically between summer and winter time without setting 2 different schedulers.

  7. My scheduler does not work anymore. There’s no battery optimization enabled for this app on my phone. It’s a Moto G5s. Any thoughts on what else it could be?

    1. Hello

      Please, send me your settings using the Contact Me option of the SoundProfile main menu. In that email tell me your issue so I can remember it (I receive many emails from many users).

    1. Please, check the power saving options for SoundProfile. Your system must be killing SoundProfile background services.
      Please, check this:

  8. Mine scheduler was working fine until my last phone update. I am running Android 10 on a Samsung S20 plus, unlocked version.

    1. Then check the power saving options for SoundProfile. Your system must be killing SoundProfile background services.
      Please, check this:

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